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Twirl-a-ties jewelry storage: $1.50 Each $3 economy shipping for 1-5; $4 economy shipping for 6-10; Priority Mail (2-3 days) available to ship 1-20 *BEST DEAL IF YOU GET 20*; If you want more than 20, please place another order. Thanks!
10x Macro lens for FB live close-ups: $5.00 Each $3 economy shipping for as many as you want. If I see you ordered twirl-a-ties and a macro lens at the same time, I will include 2 free twirl-a-ties (for the extra $3 you paid) if I can ship for the same price.

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If you are convinced that Paparazzi is the ~*~BOMB~*~, and you're already telling everybody about it, you might as well sell it!
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